Vendors missing out on document opportunities

Caxton print - Wikimedia CommonsThe lack of abilities to print from tablets and from smartphones is “shockingly lacking”.

So says Angele Boyd, group VP of IDC Document Solutions.

She pointed to a survey she managed that showed there are great opportunities for document management as companies switch to smartphones and to tablets.

She said that the business value for smartphone and tablet printing is very clear, and “this is a huge missed productivity opportunity for both businesses and print providers”.

Statistics from a survey Boyd conducted show that 35 percent of smartphone users and 34 percent of tablet users cannot print although they want to.

Being able to print from mobile devices will show double digit growth compared to flat growth for the rest of the print market, she said.

One of the advantages of using a tablet or a smartphone is that you can use the now rather high powered cameras for capturing documents and opportunities are legion in accounting, financial, legal, education, marketing and sales.

IDC surveyed 22,041 end users in six countries to come to its conclusions.