Useful CallerID app banned in Britain

Somewhat disappointingly a highly useful mobile app from Truecaller called CallerID doesn’t work properly in the UK. Truecaller’s Nami Zarringhalam informs us this is because reverse number lookups are presently illegal in the UK.

So for any Brits wishing to use this app, it currently only supports an ‘area localisation’ function which provides an indication from the caller’s area code of which part of the country they are calling from.

It’s a shame because the utility is pretty comprehensively supported with versions for Android, Blackberry, iPhone, Symbian and Windows Mobile.

The idea is great. The application detects that a phone number calling you isn’t in your handset’s addressbook, so it looks it up via a database.This is a great way of filtering out unwanted calls, of course.

TechEye managed to install the app on a Nokia N95 and it went through the handset’s entire phone number databases of 347 entries. Truecaller found just one entry it could identify.

That was a Swedish PR guru from Cloudberry and spookily Truecaller provided an address against her mobile phone number. Hardly astonishing given that TrueCaller is a Swedish company, though.

Next TechEye desperately tried to download CallerID onto a Motorola Dect aka Droid (Android) handset. Market simply wouldn’t let us do that because it sensed the country we are in.

Instead Android Market offered us a cut down version of CallerID called Tweetcaller. This automatically tweets who you are talking to using information stored in the addressbook.

Couldn’t get that to work on the Dect but it worked perfectly on the Nokia 95. That’s because the version which arrived on the Nokia was the full version. And it was free when it shouldn’t have been.

So besides the call filtering aspects of CallerID, the complete package has Tweetcaller included. Plus there’s another little app, SMS popup, which displays a text message onscreen as soon as it arrives.

The company’s blog says it is fixing bugs with the Android Desire so maybe that might cure the Dect/Droid too. Plus there’s an improved version out for Symbian. It gets our vote.