US uni to hand out iPads to students

Getting a University education just got trendier, as Seton Hill University in Pennsylvania announced Wednesday it would be kitting out all new 2011-2012 first years with iPads, to lighten their book load – and their wallets.

If handing out the hyped up iPads wasn’t enough, the uni is also doling out brand spanking new Macbooks, but is charging all students $500 per semester in charges for the digital luxuries. Talk about teching advantage.

With thousands of e-book classics now online, courtesy of Google and short copyright laws, Seton Hill students can probably expect to spend very little time teetering atop wonky chairs in a dusty library to find their course material. Which somewhat takes all the fun and character out of university life, but hey, it’s hipster heaven.

Of course, Apple will also be able to cash in on students downloading books from its iBookstore, eat your heart out, Amazon.

 Seton Hill isn’t the only too-cool-for-school University out there bestowing fruity toys on its student body. George Hill University will also purportedly be offering its students either a Macbook or an iPad this coming September.

Core Blimey, and here we were thinking apples were for the teacher, not the bloody students.