US Senate staffers can’t use Blackberries

BlackberryAfter ten years ruling the US capital, Blackberry will no longer be the tool of choice for Senate staffers.

The Senate had no choice after BlackBerry decided to discontinue devices running its own BlackBerry 10 software and the Sergeant at Arms says that once he has run out of the current in-house stock, new device procurements will be limited.

The Senate has a little more than 600 BlackBerry phones stockpiled, reads the note, and it will continue to support those phones for the “foreseeable future.”

The news follows this month’s disappointing earnings report from the Canadian phone company, who only sold 500,000 phones in the first fiscal quarter, down from 600,000 in the prior quarter and from 700,000 in the quarter before that. Basically the outfit is going down the loo and is having to find its money from flogging its network services rather than its hardware.  However, losing its traditional customers, such as the US government will not look good for the company in the short and medium term, and will cause many to wonder if it will have a long-term future.