US police repeatedly taser woman for trying to buy iPhones

A woman trying to buy multiple iPhones as Christmas presents at an Apple store was tasered repeatedly by police in the United States.

Xuajie Li, a 44 Chinese woman, who speaks little English, ran in to trouble when she became confused after staff at the Nashua, New Hampshire store refused to sell her more than two iPhones.

She decided to video other customers in the store who she believed were buying multiple handsets, prompting staff to ask her to leave. The police were called and asked to issue her with a no-trespass order.

When Li returned to the store a week later and once again tried to buy multiple iPhones, the police were again called to the scene. The authorities claimed she resisted arrest. and they were forced to taser her. From their perspective, WMUR reported, the arrest was “routine”.

Li’s daughter has said her mum didn’t understand what the police were talking about. She added that although the manager of the Apple store tried to speak to her, Li was lost in translation.

Onlookers captured the incident on a camera phone, which was broadcast on news channel WMUR.

Li can be seen writhing on the ground as the electricity of the taser causes her to scream.

She has been charged with criminal trespass and resisting arrest, and will appear in court in January.