US judge calls for Apple and Samsung to grow up

The US judge in the Samsung against Apple case has told both sides to sort it out before the jury has to reach a verdict.

US district judge Lucy Koh asked that the chief executives of Apple and Samsung speak to each other at least once on the phone before a jury begins deliberating next week.

According to Reuters, Koh said that it was time for peace.

The US trial is in its third week, but Koh told attorneys for the companies that they had succeeded in raising awareness about the importance of their intellectual property rights, but enough was enough.

She asked them to look at the idea of settlement because she saw great risks for both sides.

Attorneys for both companies told Koh they would pass along the message to their bosses, who would, at the appropriate juncture an the fullness of time, give due consideration to all the questions, weighing them up carefully before making a decision.

So good luck with that Judge Koh.  However she is right.  If either side wins in this case it could create a spectacular mess of the US patent system.  

If Apple wins it could kill off most of the rival Android tablets without having to provide any additional hardware of its own.  That would leave the field clear for Microsoft and Apple to rule the mobile market.  If Samsung wins then the iPad could be taken off the shelves and the world would be free from the tyranny of walled gardens. 

However as Judge Koh points out, this is all too silly for words.  Nothing ever works out simply and the two sides would be better off sorting it out without courts.