UK rushing into 4G, claim

The UK is being rushed into adopting 4G before it is ready according to Askar Sheibani, CEO of IT and telecoms repair company, Comtek.

Sheibani said that while Ofcom defends the roll-out procedure of the 4G spectrum in the UK he thinks that it will create a monopoly in the UK marketplace.

He added that there was no rush and said that claims from Everything Everywhere that 4G will boost GDP by £75 billion are hugely exaggerated.

While 4G will encourage more consumerism, it will do nothing to help UK businesses to a great extent, he said.

Sheibani said that Everything Everywhere is only pushing for faster 4G roll-out because it can use its spare spectrum to get ahead of its competitors.

He is worried that if Ofcom bows to these demands, other network providers will be forced to rush the migration from 3G to 4G long before they are ready.

With the economy in the gutter, it is hardly the time for the massive investments in infrastructure that will be required. Sheibani thinks that if 4G launches early, 3G infrastructure will not be maintained or developed and it will be consumers that ultimately lose out.

“If the deployment for 4G infrastructure is not completed in an orderly fashion, service levels will undoubtedly slump and end users will not get the connectivity that they have come to expect. The UK could do without this, particularly with the Olympics on the horizon,” he said.

Already MVNO Mundio is seeking a court injunction to stop Everything Everywhere from decommissioning old mast sites, claiming this could lower service on its Vectone MVNO.

Sheibani said this is one of many warning signs that the move to 4G will be problematic if steps are not taken to maintain existing services.