UK networks shun Palm Pre 2

UK networks are giving the Palm Pre 2 the thumbs down, despite having the latest 2.0 version of Palm’s webOS software

Not a single Blighty carrier has signed up to run the Pre 2, making it about as popular as an employee nomination of Gordon Brown as an employer of the year award.

The first Palm Pre was exclusively on O2, and the network also sold the Palm Pre Plus and the Palm Pixi Plus.

O2 says that it will not have a go at flogging the Pre 2.Palm told Cnet  that “users are expecting” to see the Pre 2 on UK networks this year.

However, it stopped short of saying where they can buy one. It seems that the only way that anyone in the UK will get a Pre 2 is via the Palm website SIM-free, for £399.

It is a little odd, because the Pre 2 is not that bad. It has a good interface and is just as good as the Pre and the Pre Plus.

Palm has promised that the Pre 2 will benefit from a huge advertising push early next year, along with other new webOS products so it is possible that you will be able to ring up your printer, if you have no one to chat with.