Twitter lets Turks censor it

It looks like Twitter has given up trying to fight the Turkish government and will ban citizens from talking about government corruption.

In the run up to the elections, the Turkish government did its best to stop its citizens from using Twitter to discuss a government corruption scandal. This ended up with Twitter being switched off in Turkey.

Unfortunately for Free Speech, the government won the election which followed the scandal, which means that Turks expect their politicians to steal their money and don’t care. This means that the government can safely tell Twitter that if it wants to continue to make money in the nation which bought the world carpets, smoking hookahs and Turkish delight, it is going to have to toe the line.

The government has been working directly with Twitter to resolve “the issue” of inconvenient tweets.

According to the Turkish press, the Turks are likely able to ban or filter certain tweets from ever appearing via a filtering system that seeks out ‘malicious content’.

This would lead to the banning of certain Turkish phrases on Twitter and the death of at least two accounts that have been disseminating anti-government materials.

For the Turkish Government suppressing Tweets rather than trying to block Twitter is a much better way of keeping its citizens passive.

The Turks have managed to avoid social media being a tool to overthrow an increasingly autocratic government by being, er more autocratic.

What is a little more alarming though is that Twitter is helping a government that seeks to silence its people. The social notworking tool was instrumental in removing governments in Egypt and Tunisia but now it seems those days are gone.