Tweeters are a danger to the jury system

Blighty’s top wigged one has warned that tweeting is threatening to bring down the jury system.

Lord Judge (no really), who is the Lord Chief Justice said it was too easy for campaigners to bombard the micro-blogging site Twitter with messages in a bid to influence the outcome of a hearing.

He admitted that it was impossible to stop people tweeting, but if jurors look at such material, the risks to the fairness of a trial will be very serious.

The openness of the trial process on which justice all relies upon would be damaged,’ he said.

Tweets stay on the internet and it increases the potential for prejudicial material regarding a defendant or a witness to become available.

Lord Judge said that while he welcomed advances in technology, humanity must remain its masters.

He thinks text-based transmission of material from a courtroom should be banned, but said that he could find no statutory prohibition on its use.

Tape recordings were banned under the Contempt of Court Act and he was not sure why Twitter was any different.

The top judge in England and Wales also called for tougher warnings for jurors over their use of the internet during trials.