Turkish teen hacked iOS 5 to help Apple

A Turkish teen has told the world and its dog  that he wanted to show Apple how easy it was to unlock the iOS 5 operating before it hit the shops.

Mert Erdir, 17, found a way to unlock iOS 5 on his device the day after Apple announced the new mobile operating system.

According to AP, Erdir tried to get in touch with Apple to warn it about the security flaw but instead got an automated message. Apple has a policy of denying that its software has security flaws until there is a sufficient public outcry.

After getting nowhere with Apple, Erdir took his method to Gizmodo which published Erdir’s method. He had hoped that the article would attract Apple’s attention, but the story went viral.

It did not take much hacking genius to get past Apple’s faith-based security.

He downloaded the operating system and got stuck in the activation screen. He used the notification centre, a new feature of iOS 5, to unlock the operating system.

Apple has still not contacted Erdir since he shared how to unlock iOS 5. Strangely Erdir is still an iPhone fan and wants to become an official iOS developer, which costs $99 a year.

For all his fame he has raised enough cash to buy some ice cream and a diet coke, he moaned.