Travelling AppCircus invites start-ups to Mobile Premier Awards

Conferences are kind of like a circus anyway. Honesty is the best policy and AppCircus agrees.

It’s about to embark on a global tour giving start-ups, developers and the rest of them to submit whoever fancies it the chance to participate in the Mobile Premier Awards at next year’s Mobile World Congress.

You submit your app and it’s taken into consideration. A jury then has a look and if they think it’s interesting enough, the developer will be able to present at the travelling AppCircus tour. Places aren’t limited, but if your app gets chosen you must give others a chance – don’t submit your app again.

The Mobile Premier Awards will see start-ups present their apps in front of a jury. 20 finalists from local chapter nominees get to pitch their products to investors, entrepeneurs, operators, media companies and other people with money for the taking. The press will also be there but we don’t have any money. 

The cool thing about AppCircus is it’s going to be *everywhere*. Including DroidCon London in a couple of days. EMEA is well covered by the fully converted kebab van, with hotbeds for software development like Bangalore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Barcelona and the rest all included. Have a look at the tour dates here. Deadlines are tight so get submitting.