Travellers Down Under advised to abandon Apple Maps

Australians have been advised against using Apple’s maps after the navigation app led a few too many up the wrong garden path.

Police Down Under have issued a warning to motorists after having to rescue six people who became stranded in recent weeks in the wilderness following the app’s directions.

Some were stuck for 24 hours without adequate food and water after they used Apple’s
directions to reach an inland city, and were instead directed to a national park 43 miles away, which can reach temperatures of 46 degrees and hasn’t got easy access to water.  

Police said they had carried out tests on the mapping system which showed the coordinates listed Mildura in the middle of the Murray Sunset National Park, approximately 70km away from its actual location.

As a result, they advised people use different mapping methods.

The warnings are part of a long list of complaints about Apple’s mapping system which was forced upon users in September when it replaced Google Maps on iOS6.

Since then Apple has been inundated with complaints about the software, which has also forced an apology from CEO Tim Cook as well as promises for improvements.