Time runs out for RIM in India Blackberry dispute

Problems for Research In Motion, the maker of the Blackberry, are mounting today after it failed to meet a deadline for providing access to its encrypted network to the Indian government.

RIM had until today, January 31, to meet the requirements, but it only offered partial access which the Indian authorities rejected.

Tensions have been mounting between RIM and India over recent months as it looks increasingly likely that the dispute will not be resolved. Earlier this month RIM said it would need two years to meet India’s demands. It also said it would not filter internet content and that it was impossible to provide India with the kind of access it was asking for. “There is no solution,” the company said.

The dispute is also carrying over to neighbouring lands, with Pakistan now calling for the same kind of access to encrypted information on the Blackberry network, citing similar security concerns, according to Reuters.

Minister of Home Affairs, Palaniappan Chidambaram, said that the government still wanted complete access to encrypted emails for security reasons and that it was likely that his Ministry would make a decision today on the fate of RIM in India.

RIM previously said it was confident that its service would not be banned in India. Today’s rejection of its offer by the Indian government may shatter that confidence.