Tim Cook more likely to offer olive branch to Android

Steve Jobs will be spinning in his grave as his appointed successor is starting to waiver on the pointless court war with Google and Samsung over Android.

Jobs famously promised to waste all of his company’s huge cash resources patent trolling Android to oblivion, which is a small town in Texas. Jobs was convinced that Google stole his ideas when it designed Android, forgetting that he stole some of his best ideas from others.

However, now he is safely dead, it looks like his successor, Tim Cook is starting to wonder why he is spending money to keep a ghost happy.

According to Edible Apple,  Cook is a bit more level headed about the law suits.

Samsung and Apple executives have apparently been on the blower trying to work out if there is any way they can bury the hatchet.

It seems that Cook does not seem to share his predecessor’s passion about issuing legal fatwas. He sees litigation as a necessary evil and does not see it as a way of balancing the universe by invoking Cosmic Justice.

Cook was recently asked how Apple viewed its cash situation in light of the myriad of patent disputes the company currently finds itself entangled in.

He said that he always hated litigation and will continue to hate it. While Apple “wants people to invent their own stuff,” if it could get an arrangement where Apple can be assured that’s the case, and that a fair settlement on stuff that’s occurred, he would highly prefer to settle vs battle.

In other words, if Samsung pays Apple a bit, and promises not to pinch Cupertino’s ideas in the future, then the war is over. This is heresy to the followers of Steve Jobs, but makes a lot more sense.