Tiger Text promises easy adultery

After all the recent media coverage of a little known golf-man called Tiger Woods, it was only a matter of time before app developers hopped on the PR bandwagon. Tiger Text for the iPhone promises to delete sent text messages from your conversation trail as soon as they’ve been read, ideal for adulterers or tinfoil-hat wearing paranoid conspiracy theorists.

Except it doesn’t work quite like that, says Wired.com: users must both have Tiger Text installed and then send messages to each other using that platform. This makes it easy for nosey spouses to find out if there’s something to hide: check installed apps and if there’s Tiger Text, raise your eyebrows and get ready to give a bollocking. If your partner’s not a bored hack trying out an app for a quick story, they may be cheating.

The app has a user rating of 2.5 on iTunes, probably because it doesn’t do exactly what it says on the tin. Plus, if you send a message to someone without Tiger Text installed, they’ll get a regular SMS bugging them to install it.

We thought we’d give an iPhone with Tiger Text installed to a serial adulterer we know. After a day’s use he told us that he had three Craigslist casual encounters and ate a great steak dinner his wife lovingly cooked for him. He said that he didn’t get caught that day, but we are still trying to ascertain whether Tiger Text played any part in this.