The mystery that is HTC continues

It’s widely recognised that Taiwanese phone firm HTC has some nifty products right now but the trouble is not many people seem to be buying them.

The firm turned in a net loss of NT3 billion for its 2013 third quarter. Sales fell by a third compared to the same quarter last uear.

It’s all something of a puzzle. Asian wires reported a few weeks ago that HTC chairwoman, Cher Wang, has taken over control of the company and the word on the Taiwanese strasse is that HTC is not entirely sure what’s wrong either.

Sources close to its eco-friendly HQ in Taipei seem to indicate that the company is not very good at marketing.  It’s certainly a slouch on the PR front – we can’t remember the last time we heard anything from HTC or its local agency.  If it has a local agency.

If you contrast HTC with Apple and Samsung on marketing dollar, it’s clear the last two have far deeper pockets than the somewhat parsimonious Taiwanese firm.