The iPhone is heading to the car

Jobs’ Mob is planning to create a glorious car version of his super, cool, game changing – insert more meaningless marketing suplatives here –  iPhone.

According to AppleInsider, people with too much time on their hands have had a close look at the pre-release beta of iPhone OS 4 and discovered that it contains a new application that could be used to simply control the device when driving.

It looks like the new “iPod out” feature included in iPhone OS 4 can be used with the iPod Accessory Protocol in cars.

The iPod out feature “might be used in an Apple-branded car kit, where the user docks his iPhone or iPod touch and gains access to the onboard audio libraries.

The car kit could include both a video screen to show the menus and custom physical buttons that would produce the notifications to allow the user to move through those menus and select from them.”

There also appears to be a hands-free phone navigation suggesting the feature could route incoming calls to the handsfree system and allow a driver to answer without touching their iPhone.

Third-party car kits are already available for the iPhone and iPod touch, but nothing from Jobs’ Mob itself.

We guess that in keeping with Steve Jobs insistence that his phones remain squeaky clean, you will be forbidden to drive to shops that are not approved by Apple and it will have special functions to alert your parents when you are parked up with your girlfriend. Not that any Apple fanboy will have a girlfriend.