The Apple iPad is almost dangerous, warns consumer group

A US consumer watchdog has warned that Apple’s new iPad is a bit too hot to handle and people need to be jolly careful

While US non-profit product testing group Consumer Reports stopped short of saying the iPad was dangerous, it did say that people needed to be careful handling it.  It didn’t suggest oven gloves, but it does sound like an asbestos block to sit it on might be a good idea.

According to AP, Consumer Reports tests have confirmed what we said yesterday. The new-generation iPad hit temperatures as high as 116 degrees Fahrenheit, particularly when running games which seem to tax its tiny brain.

Consumer Reports spokesman James McQueen said of the third-generation iPad that it “does run warmer than its predecessor… 116 degrees can be a little uncomfortable.”

The testing confirms reports on Apple forums that the rear corner of the new iPad appeared to be a hot spot.

Kyle Wiens, chief executive of iFixit, a prominent Apple repair and parts supplier thougth that the problem is the fact that the iPad’s battery is 70 per cent bigger than the one in the previous version so it will get hotter.

Apple said that the iPad operates “well within our thermal specifications.” We guess it is just users who don’t.