The 4G Sprint gong continues to make a racket

US giant Sprint is making a song and dance today by telling the world+dog that it has launched a 4G wireless service today in Richmond, Salt Lake City and St Louis.

The claim is made on the basis of it supplying a USB based dongle that will access WiMAX networks – the dongle is built by Sierra Wireless – earlier this month it said the deal involves a two year service agreement at $60 per month.

In its release, Sierra Wireless praised its customer by saying: “Sprint continues to lead the 4G revolution… consumers, business and industries… will be able to extend their internet experience beyond the home and office and benefit from the constant connectivity and real time access at lightning fast speeds.”

In face, Sprint’s whole publicity push posits the notion that WiMAX is 4G, so muddying the connectivity waters no end.

Qualcomm and a whole host of other semiconductor companies might beg to differ that 4G is WiMAX. Earlier this month, it won a bid for provisional spectrum in four areas of India using an unpaired spectrum in the 2.3GHz band. Qualcomm will roll out a Long Term Evolution (LTE) network.

Analyst believe that LTE will capture the market by 2020 and most think that WiMAX is a dead end road – while LTE is the 4G mobile standard.