Telecommunications Fraud Forum says "No more" to reselling stolen phones

As the Telecommunications Fraud Forum (TUFF) has waded in with a new code of practice, which hopes to nip in the bud the trend of flogging on stolen mobile phones to the recycling industry [Think Mazuma Mobile, Compare and Recycle et al] it’s thought over 90 percent have signed up.

It’s thought that some recycling companies accept phones and shoot them off abroad, giving profits to criminals as well as getting around the fact that many mobile phone handsets reported stolen are locked out within 24 hours.

The agreement says every mobile being accepted will now check records against the National Mobile Phone Register – and if the records don’t add up, the company will refuse to hand over dosh and instead give information to the police.

If you’ve ever had the displeasure of watching daytime TV, the ad breaks are stuffed with commercials about sending your phone off to make a tidy profit, or WONGA! as Envirofone puts it