Telcos to cash in on apps too

It may be the year of the tiger, but 2010 is also the year of the mobile cash cow, and the big telcos want to milk it for all it’s worth.

The predominant sentiment at this year’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona was that the AT&Ts, Verizons, Oranges and Vodafones of the world are no longer content to sit back as highly paid wireless plumbers and now want to cash in on the more lucrative aspect of mobile; apps and software.

“Telcos don’t just want to be the pipe anymore,” one analyst told TechEye, noting “they want to deliver the experience too.”

That experience means games, widgets, magazines, books, music and anything else under the mobile sun that punters could possibly want to slip in their pockets.

“It’s all about who owns what in the value chain,” TechEye was told, with the implication that the big telcos were now actively pursuing publishers and developers in attempts to strike their own deals for revenue sharing and content delivery.

“Telcos want to cash in on apps,” and to be fair, who doesn’t these days?

With ever increasing competitive pressure and data prices plummeting, the telcos claim they need new ways to make money for nothing and get chicks for free.

After all, if telcos start launching tablets and can decide what apps are on them, they can effectively bypass the plethora of app stores out there and take their own cut.

Happy days for the mobile giants then.