Telcos rip off Brits

Millions of Brits are wasting hundreds of pounds a year by paying for mobile phone services they never use.

A consumer watchdog has been snuffing around the rump of the mobile phone company antics and growled that the outfits do not do enough to enable punters to switch tarrifs.

Consumer group Which said that annual contracts that promise the world to customers, a bundle of calls, texts, internet downloads, peace in our time, for a fixed monthly fee.

While this appears quite good, most do not use the full monthly allocation for which they have paid.

People might be able to shop around for a package that better reflects their needs, the industry has created a bewildering array of more than ten million tariff and phone combinations to confuse punters further.

No one has apparently noticed that mobile charges are high and rising thanks to a complex system of tariffs and charges.

It estimates more than 18 million people have never switched their mobile tariff or network and ten million customers are routinely overpaying for their mobile phones.

Research by mobile phone price comparison website, indicates that there are more than ten million handset and tariff combinations available in Blighty. With 71,654 tariffs for annual contracts. On each tariff there are up to 111 handsets and 20 free extras from eight merchants.

Customer body, Consumer Focus, told the Daily Mail  millions have no idea if they are getting good value for money.

The head of Which? mobile, Tom McLennan, said people can also be stung if they are on a tariff that does not allow for all the calls, texting and data downloads.