Teen arrested for critical Olympic tweet

A 17 year old boy has been arrested after he Tweeted some abuse to a British athlete for failing to pick up a medal.

According to the Guardian, a 17-year-old boy was arrested and bailed after Team GB diver Tom Daley retweeted his message telling him he had let down his dead father.

Dorset police said that the lad was arrested as part of an investigation into Twitter messages sent to Daley after he and team-mate Pete Waterfield missed out on a medal on Monday.

The kid has been bailed pending an investigation into other tweets he is supposed to have sent on his Twitter account.

Daley, 18, retweeted a message that said: “You let your dad down i hope you know that.” The diver retweeted: “After giving it my all … you get idiots sending me this …”

Daley’s father, Rob, died from cancer. 

Speaking before the Olympics, Daley told the BBC that winning a medal would make all the struggles that he has had worthwhile. He said that was doing it for himself and his dad. Tragically Daley is British and therefore doomed to failure.  If he had been American he would have won a gold and there would already be movie being made about him.

After the last tweet, others from the kid appeared to say sorry: “I’m sorry mate i just wanted you to win cause its the olympics I’m just annoyed we didn’t win I’m sorry tom accept my apology.”

But later another tweet to Daley read: “i’m going to find you and i’m going to drown you in the pool you cocky twat your a nobody people like you make me sick”.

When people objected, the kid apparently tweeted: “i dont give a shit bruv i’m gonna drown him and i’m gonna shoot you he failed why you suporting him you c**t.”

Whether it was responsible for Daley to direct the Twitter mob’s infamous groupthink hatred towards a child being stupid on the internet is another question, let alone getting the police involved.