Taiwanese manufacturers take advantage of booming Indian mobile market

Taiwanese manufacturers are developing mobile phone products specifically for an Indian audience in a bid to tap into the country’s booming market.

According to the Taiwan Economic Times, Taiwanese IC chip developer MediaTek Inc.and handset contract assembler Arima Communications Inc are tapping into India’s markets through LG, while handset maker Inventec Appliances Corp has also signed a deal to sell its handsets through an Indian telecoms company.

HTC, the largest smartphone maker in Taiwan, has also has an eye on India’s established and growing market, which is said to be the next biggest mobile phone space after China, and launched a smartphone in the country.

Taiwanese companies are wise to be finally pushing ahead, so says research by soothsayers at Gartner.

In July Gartner said mobile device sales in India are estimated at 138.6 million units in 2010. It said this was an increase of 18.5 percent over 2009 sales of 117 million units and that it expected the market to grow steadily until 2014, where it predicted  end user sales would surpass 206 million units.

“India, contributing approximately 10 percent of worldwide sales, is an important market for manufacturers with aspirations to grow their global market share.

“Due to its sheer size and open market (mobile devices being sold independently of cellular connection), it has attracted many global mobile device manufacturers. The market is also supported by many local manufacturers. This has led to more than 50 brands vying for consumer attention in India, besides the many brands in the black markets (selling without invoices),” the company said in its report