Taiwan follows Intel on considering LTE over WiMax

The LTE and WiMax debacle continues in Taiwan, perhaps not quite coincidentally as Intel finally announced that, yes, it will consider LTE too. 

Intel has for a while now been dawdling on delivering WiMax services to the region which has lead to officials getting mighty peeved. The Taipei Computer Association had been hoping that Otellini would fly over to Taiwan to discuss plans but so far there’s been no such luck, at best it received comfort words and crocodile tears from Intel country manager Jason Chen who said his outfit is “committed” to bringing it to the region. TechEye was told that Intel was committed to the WiMax standard.

Intel bloke Nick Jacobs commented on our story and said the same thing. 

However Ottelini at IDF has now approached the touchy subject of looking at LTE as well. He said that, despite his company’s previous line that LTE ain’t the way forward, it is focused on integrating wireless into silicon and it plain makes sense to have a go at LTE as well as WiMax.

Economic affairs minister Shih Yen-shiang seems to be taking a similar line. His government is fully for boosting the WiMax supply chain – but it’s now considering the development potential of LTE and is ready to put its might behind the 4G rival if it becomes standard. He said that all the WiMax investments from Taiwan will not be a waste if LTE becomes the driving force, because the technological barriers between the two are not that different, DodgyTimes reported. 

Basically it has put all of its 4G eggs into one 4G basket called WiMax. But the farmers think it won’t upset the chickens to move them over to LTE. 

Industry analysts at In-Stat are rather confident that LTE will dominate the 4G market by 2012. On the other hand ABI Research suggests that WiMax will be doing okay by 2015 – not as well as previously expected – but a cool 59 million nonetheless.

As far as we’re aware there’s an awful lot of evaluation and to-and-froing going on. Betamax and VHS it ain’t – this is a drawn out affair and only time will tell.