Taipei insists Apple and Google give seven day free trial for apps

On the last day of Computex 2011, Apple and Google were hit by a bombshell when consumer forces in the capital, Taipei City, dictated that both American firms offer a seven day free trial on apps for the machines that use their operating systems.

The Taiwan News reported that Taipei City has ordered both companies to offer a free seven day trial on applications sourced through their sites or face swingeing consequences.

Those consequences could result in heavy levies being imposed on Google and Apple of up to US$50,000 or more and continuing unless they meet the consumerist deadline set by Taipei City as 15 days.

There’s a reason for this. While both Apple and Google’s terms and conditions absolve themselves from apps downloaded that are developed by third parties, Taipei City has made it clear that people with no redress should be indemnified by both Google and Apple.

Neither company told Taiwan News what they thought. Both Google and Apple have two weeks to comply.