TAG Heuer releases $1,500 smartwatch

small_TAGHeuerConnected_bannerLuxury Swiss watch maker TAG Heuer is showing Apple how it is done by releasing a $1,500 smartwatch.

TAG Heuer’s Connected Watch, which is its first to run Google’s Android Wear operating system and it looks a lot like the outfit’s Carrera analogue watch.

Company CEO Jean-Claude Biver said that his watch was the result of a marriage between of Watch Valley and Silicon Valley. It’s a marriage between America and Switzerland.

“The Swiss watch industry has entered today, thanks to Intel and Google, the Swiss Watch industry is connected to the future. That is the importance of the event today. That is why I’m excited. That is why I am proud to be here.”

What is surprising though is that the watch is surprising low spec. The smartwatch uses an Intel Atom Z34XX processor, Bluetooth LE, Wi-Fi, 4GB of internal storage and gyroscopic sensors.

It does not have GPS, a heart rate sensor or even a speaker on the smartwatch (all notifications announce themselves via vibrations). On the plus side you will get 30 hours of battery life before you need a recharge.

What you’re paying for is the grade 2 titanium casing and the TAG Heuer name. After the two year warranty is up, owners will have the opportunity to trade it in, pay an additional $1,500 and receive a “real” mechanical TAG Heuer watch.