T-Mobile USA boss departs for pastures new

After only two years at the top of T-Mobile USA, Philipp Humm has announced that he is cleaning out his desk.

T-Mobile USA, owned by German parent Deutsche Telekom, dusted off the ancient excuse used by Tory ministers who have been caught having affairs as saying Humm wanted to spend more time with his family.

For some reason the company did not think that hacks at Reuters would get their paws on an email to employees which said that Humm was leaving to join a competitor. Still, maybe the rival is letting Humm spend more time with his family than T-Mobile.

Deutsche Telekom CEO Rene Obermann said Humm had informed him of his decision in April so his time at T-Mobile was infeasibly short.

It is not believed that the move is a sign that T-Mobile is in trouble, despite the fact that Deutsche Telekom does not really know what to do with the company.

The company has been trying to sort itself out by moving to high-speed LTE wireless technology, but it is a little small in comparison with the big players.

Humm took over from a Mr Dotson, who left after 15 years.  Reuters pointed out that he also repeated the mantra that he wanted “to step away from the business to devote more time to family and to pursue new opportunities”.

Clearly there must be something in the paint in that CEO’s office which gives people a sudden family bent.

T-Mobile USA  was once Deutsche Telekom’s great white hope. But it struggled so much with customer cancellations.

In his two years at the helm, Humm was unable to do anything to fix the company because his hands were tied from March to December 2011 as the company waited for approval to be bought by AT&T.

When that fell through,  Humm snapped into action and said in February he planned to reinvigorate T-Mobile USA with a $1.4 billion investment and reallocate spectrum in order to upgrade T-Mobile’s service in 2013 with LTE technology.

It seems he managed to do that and then suddenly came on all family minded.