Symbian's open source days over

Former rubber boot maker, Nokia has hit its Open Sauce plans for Symbian over the head with a shovel and buried it in a shallow grave miles away from where it is likely to be found by someone walking their dog.

Over at the Symbian Developer Wiki it has been written that the websites are shutting down and the Symbian Foundation will be transitioning to a licensing body.

“In practise this will mean a reduction in the day-to-day operations of the Foundation by the end of the year”.

The websites will be shutting down on 17th December, although the source code, kits, wiki, bug database, reference documentation & Symbian Ideas will be available in some form, most likely on a DVD or USB hard drive upon request to the Symbian Foundation.

Source repositories will cease to be available when the site (and its Japanese and Chinese equivalents) shuts so we guess if you want anything you will have to ask the Foundation.

It is not certain why Nokia has bothered taking Symbian in-house. It has already indicated it is going to Meego in the future and other smart phone makers are leaving it like rats who have just felt their ship hit an iceburg and heard the first strains of Céline Dion breaking out on deck.

The problem is that MeeGo is not ready to go and it might not be more than vapourware until June 2011.

Nokia will want to release a few more products until then, but probably does not want to see Symbian competing with the new operating system. It wants it to die and it can’t do that while Open Sauce developers are improving it.