Symbian is doomed, doomed

Analyst Gartner claims that the popular mobile phone operating system Symbian is doomed and will die horribly in seven plagues bought upon it by its own hubris.

The grave prophecy has come after Symbian failed to notice the potents of its own demise.The waters of Symbian’s already shrinking market share are to dry up according Gartner soothsayer Nick Jones.  

And from the West shall come a mighty Android and it shall feast on the customers who did useth Symbian.

While Symbian shall hold faith in new gods such as the Nokia N8 to liberate them from the terror.But Jones spaketh that this idol will have clay feet.

And the Symbian Foundation’s appeal to open source in February shall spur its popularity not. Jones sayeth that Symbian is losing share because people shall look upon the user experience of Jobs of Cappuccino and Android of the Google Plex and find their appearance more complete.

Symbian 3 will appear more polished than what has gone before, but it is still dull, he spaketh

At the moment Symbian is safe because its majority market share comes from the phones which are dumb, but there is a move to phones which are smart.

Even Nokia shall spurn Symbian as if it were a rabid dog, and shall lie with MeeGo, and have many children, Jones warned.

Jones said the Symbian Foundation appears to be completely unconcerned.  He called on them to repent of their hubris and maybe Android will spare them.