Symbian bets on web software

Symbian hopes to recapture some of its former smart phone glory by cuddling up to web software.

The Symbian Foundation has announced that it will integrate Nitobi’s open-source PhoneGap tool with the Symbian 3 version of the software.

 It means programmers can write Symbian software using Web standards that run in a Web browser.  

They will also be able to  tap into native Symbian interfaces including geolocation, accelerometer data, text messaging, camera, contacts, sounds, and network connections. 

The upshot is that it will make it a lot easier for  Web programmers to write software that works on Symbian phones.

This theoretically could mean that there would be a lot more apps for the operating system and put it in the running against Android and the rubber band powered Iphone OS. Symbian and Nitobi announced the deal yesterday. Symbian will integrate Nitobi’s technology with its Web application creation tools. 

Programmers using the PhoneGap tool will be able to write software more easily for the  iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, and Windows Mobile too. Symbian is currently seen as the Homer Simpson of phones.  It is very popular at the low end of the market and does not tend to do very well in phone markets that require a bit of smarts.