Steve "rubber" Jobsie says use iPhone 4 contrareception

Apple supremo Steve Jobs came back from his holiday in Hawaii to tell the world and its dog what his company is going to do about the problem with a telephone that’s turned into a PR disaster.

Jobs said Apple wants every customer to be happy and if Apple can’t make people happy, Apple will give every customer its money back.

Apple can’t make enough bumpers to solve the antenna problem so it’s going to offer a choice of cases instead that will be available at the end of next week.

Apple “loves its users” and tries “very hard to surprise and delight them”.

It certainly surprised some of  them by supplying a phone that didn’t work properly. All phones have problems, said Jobs. But some phones have more problems than others.

In technical terms, the iPhone 4 drops more calls than the 3GS because, for crying out loud, it doesn’t use a case. Apple cares about every user.

Jobs said the problem has been “blown out of proportion”. Interesting – he’s blaming the media again. Apple is extremely good at blowing things out of proportion itself.  Jobs laid into Bloomberg big time, apparently, describing the august news organisation as a crock.

Jobs got all whingy and said that when anyone or any organisations gets really successful, people want to destroy it. Reports RCR Wireless. Jobs said, according to RCR “When you love your customers as much as we do, nothing’s off the table”. Or the iTable, presumably.

All smartphones have weaknesses, claimed Jobs. But some smartphones are obviously weaker than others. There really isn’t a problem.

Apple will introduce the iPhone 4 to 17 more countries at the end of July. He didn’t say whether contrareception aids will be supplied in the shops.

The case continues. Apple shares were up on the news.