Steve Jobs invents “multi-tasking”

Apple, which claims to invent any new technology that comes onto the market, said it is going to put a new radical bit of software on its iPhones.

The new iPhone firmware 4.0 will enable users to multi-task, which means that fanbois will actually be able to run programs at the same time.

An Apple fanboi told us: “It is a tribute to the genius of Steve Jobs that he can come up with such brilliant ideas. He knows what consumers want and provides it for us. I can pull up my email while web browsing who else could have thought up such a brilliant idea.”

AppleInsider is reporting that the “full-on solution” to multitasking will support “several” third party apps running at once in a “multi-tasking manager”.

It uses interface technology already bundled with its Mac OS X operating system.”

In other words, it is Exposé, which is a multi-window view that’s already found its way into phones like the HTC Legend. Android phones have had multitasking for ages as does Windows Mobile 7. In fact there are few high end mobile phones which do not.

We guess Steve Jobs’ latest innovation will end up on the iPad too, something which is a little daft that it lacks, given that most other netbooks on the market have it.