Steam comes to Android and iOS

Valve, developer of the Steam gaming distribution platform, announced today it is starting a closed Beta of its Steam Mobile App and is targeting Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android.

The Steam App will extend both store and community services in the increasingly popular mobile market where the iPhone and Android have resparked interest in casual gaming and have provided developers with a more than adequate source of income. The mobile gaming market is estimated to reach $1.6 billion by 2015.

Valve has a keen eye for the gaming business, and although it hasn’t arrived first on the spot, it hopes to expand its 40 million PC user base to include a likewise number of mobile gamers.

While not all features are currently available, we hear, the Steam Mobile App will allow users to chat and buy new games for their smartphone right away. Wishlists, video previews and other Steam staples are in the works.

Steam users are invited to apply for the closed Beta by logging into their accounts and downloading the mobile app. In time they will receive the thumbs-up from Valve as the Beta expands and puts the servers to the test with increasing numbers of gamers.

No plans have been announced for Windows Phone 7, as of yet, but it would be an even easier market for Steam to roll into.