Spotify and Microsoft cosy up a week before Windows Phone 7

Music streaming service Spotify is set to work with Microsoft, it was announced today. The idea is that you will be able to listen to your music anywhere, at the PC or with your mobile – not entirely revelatory as that’s exactly how Spotify works already.

Spotify is a free of charge streaming service available at first for home computing. Tracks were peppered with adverts in between. Later came Spotify on Mobile – which is compatible with both the iPhone and Android devices but only with a premium subscription. Those stuck on Windows Mobile 6 will now be able to enjoy Spotify on the go, too.

The announcement comes just in time for the launch of Windows Phone 7 in a week. However, Spotify is still only available in Europe. While not exactly pinning its phone hopes on a partnership – it isn’t exclusive – it could be an incentive for some to plump for the Microsoft devices which crop up, at least in Europe.

A selling point is that Spotify will integrate with Windows Live. That’s the usual playlist sharing available through Spotify but now on the Microsoft platform. It’s available to download now, but only in Sweden, Norway, Finland, the Netherlands, France, Spain and the UK. 

Ballmer says he and the gang are glad to be working with Spotify. Late last month Microsoft ripped off Spotibot in a marketing campaign then later removed the page without explanation when called out.