Sony looking for Android engineers

Sony has been placing job adverts which call for Android engineers sparking a dark satanic rumour that it will be building its much discussed PSP phone soon.

While there had been some talk that a PSP with a phone and gaming function would be released by Sony, details were somewhat sketchy.

The Sony job advert is calling for a senior server engineer to join its Online Technology which is based in London’s Soho.

Not only do they need someone with experience with Android apps, the ad is after someone with experience of handling cloud services and developing software-as-a-service.

If this is connected to anything PSPish, it would mean that the new gear would be a hybrid of an Android Phone and the PSP Go. The PSP Go got rid of its physical media for online only downloads. The problem with the PSP Go was that it really didn’t take off.

If Sony does pull off such a phone it will be competing directly with Apple and be able to run Android apps. But the sound money is on Sony developing a walled garden of its own, with the new phone abandoning the traditional Android store in favour of its own store front.

But one senior server engineer in one of Sony’s off-shoots does not make a team. It could equally be an internal project for the company’s own use. Still, it has dusted off those PSP phone rumours. The last we heard it was supposed to be an Xperia-branded phone that would also carry the PlayStation brand and feature a touchscreen measuring between 3.7- and 4.1-inches and a slide out panel with game controls.

Under the bonnet was to be a 1GHz Snapdragon CPU and it would use Android 3.0.