Snapperazzi targetted with two site

There’s nothing like a bit of healthy competition for spurring people on and the realm of snapperazzi is benefiting, big time. Two sites are now vying to cater for camera phone-owning celebrity fans who want to know where all the glitterazzi hang out.

A celebrity photo agency Matrix Photos has recently launched an iPhone app (what else?) called Celebaround which will set you back £1.79.

The idea is that it shows users on a map all of the hot spots where celebrities have been sighted. So, if you aspire to join the ranks of the papparazzi instead of being a mere snapperazzi, this app is for you.

However, Amanda Gold – a director with rival site, Papture – reckons her company’s iPhone app is better.

Matrix Photos delays the release of its sightings by twelve hours (so the competition can’t muscle in), but Amanda says that her app has no such limitation.

Techeye was a bit dubious about the business model surrounding these apps. Those with long memories might remember a service called Scoopt.

That site was intended to help the snapperazzi make money out of their celebrity pictures by syndicating them to the big publishing house.

Sadly, Scoopt closed its doors back in February-March 2009. Reading the farewell message on its site, the company’s activities (what remained of them) were merged with Getty Images.

Amanda Gold told Techeye, however, that it doesn’t intend to survive on selling the rights to pictures it receives. Instead, it will pass any monies received onto the snapperazzi responsible.

What will fund Papture is alerts. Users will pay a one-off fee of 50 pence for receiving an alert every time the site features a celebrity they are following. So if you follow Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, it will cost you a total of £1.

Better still, Papture is readying a location aware version of its iPhone app. For a fee of £1.50, the app will alert you if you are within 500 metres of a celebrity you are following and has been spotted. Unlike Celebaround, these alerts will be in real time.

The really good news is that if you’re a budding snaperazzi, you can submit your photos to Papture and potentially win a monthly prize of £100 for your shot.