Smartphones sales set to cross a billion

Analysts for Credit Suisse have been shuffling their tarot cards and have worked out that either sales of smartphones will cross a billion a year by 2014, or Prince Harry will meet a tall dark handsome stranger.

Pumping for the former interpretation, Credit Suisse says that  the key factor in the prediction is Chinese customers who are just getting interested in smartphones and will want cheap and cheerful versions.

According to Barrons, Credit Suisse thinks that sales across the world will grow about 46 percent to 687.9 million units this year and will touch 1.05 billion units in 2014.

Kulbinder Garcha wrote in his report that he was confident that there would be robust growth for the smartphone market in China – and this will account for 22 percent of global units by 2015.

While many are writing the company off, Credit Suisse expects Nokia to drive earnings recovery in 2013 and gain an 11 percent market share in the long term, based on carrier support, competitive pricing and strength in brand and distribution.

The analysts also expect Samsung and Huawei to gain market share.

Woodern spoons will be awarded to Motorola Mobility, HTC and Sony. BlackBerry maker Research In Motion appears to be rapidly declining, the analyst claims.