Smartphones make Brits age fast

The Daily Mail newspaper took time out from its busy schedule of creating fears about Bulgarians and Romanians to dust off a completely new terror for us to be worried about.

Apparently, smartphones are making British people ugly or age faster.

The problem is, says the Wail, that we are constantly looking down at our gadgets and this is causing a new wrinkle to appear around the neck and it’s not helping our backs either.

Dubbed ‘Techneck’, the line around the neck and chin is caused by the modern day compulsion of looking down at handheld devices and computers on a daily basis.

Apparently, there are Brits who are sufficiently terrified of ‘Techneck’ to want plastic surgery for it and the Mail has some sauces in that industry in the form of the unfortunately named CACI.

CACI are apparently experts in non-surgical facelifts and combat it with a treatment called the Microlift.

Dean Nathanson, Managing Director of CACI international (no really), said that keeping one’s head down, be it buried in work emails or in an e-reader, is completely the norm.

‘We’ve identified a correlation between the rise of technology in recent years and the growth of the ‘Techneck’, so while there is little chance of the nation giving up technology, at least we can help people reduce wrinkles and keep their chin up!’

Hunching over our smartphones is killing our backs too with back pain one of the most common complaints amongst the British work force.

Josh Catlett, a Chartered Physiotherapist, was quoted as saying our bodies are not designed to be in the same position for long periods and many people get into bad postures when using these devices.

He is seeing patients with neck, back and shoulder problems and pain in the hands and wrists. We thought that was due to the rise of internet porn.