Siri causes iPhone 4S headaches

One of the few new features thing of the iPhone 4S, the beta version of the Siri software, appears to be causing early adopters some major headaches.

Apple was criticised for releasing its iPhone 4S which was more or less identical to the iPhone 4 with a nicer chip. Cupertino replied that the new phone contained Siri, which is a voice-activated personal assistant.

But the Siri, which is the Japanese word for arse, only works properly in the US and since the “new” phone has been released it is causing problems for Apple.

Twitter and the Apple support forum is full of people moaning that they cannot make a connection.

Reuters made a list of people unhappy with the Siri experience.

“Siri can’t connect again…So far iOS5/4S experience have been pretty half-baked. Great sounding ideas — miserable implementation,” maximrydkin tweeted.

Thebrowncoat wrote: “Apple may have sold 4 mil iPhone 4S’s, but I think they may need some extra servers for Siri. Getting constant “unable to connect” errors.”

It would appear that Apple’s servers have been overwhelmed by the number of customers trying to use Siri. This is a little odd because Apple invested billions in a data centre recently. We pointed out that this appears to be an expensive white elephant and the building was more or less empty.

But there are some other problems with Siri. It doesn’t always understand what someone says, and it sometimes misunderstands a question. This is still true of many voice products.

Apple fanboys have rushed to point out that the software is only in beta, so what do you expect?

But given that Siri was marketed as a significant push for the ‘new’ gadget, as a differentiator from the iPhone 4, questions have to be raised as to why anyone would bother buying one.

Particuarly when there are much better smartphones on the horizon.

The success of the iPhone 4S is proof that Apple cultists will automatically buy whatever the company ships, whether it works or not, or if it’s any different from previous offerings.