Sex sells and now it's QR codes' turn

The pattern is so familiar. A new technology arrives and the sex industry is amongst the first to discover what benefits it offers. The same thing has just happened to QR codes with a new site called It’s pretty tame but it’s a start.

This site just offers titillation rather than any real nudity. There’s pictures of girls partially obscured by QR codes which, when scanned using an Android or Ithingey handset, reveal the girls in full.

Being a US site, all the girls are actually wearing bikinis. So it’s a kind of extremely light blue site. Not even top shelf.

For those who don’t know, QR codes are one of a handful of 2D barcode formats which have managed to establish themselves in the world of mobile telephony. Japan has been using QR for yonks, but America is just waking up to them.

The principle is very simple. Your handset either boasts a built-in 2D barcode scanner or you can download a free scanning app for virtually every cameraphone in existence.

Try NeoReader from Neomedia, for example. Just type into your mobile’s browser and download it. Neomedia has versions for all the common handset OSes in existence.

This site has been created by a company calling itself The Ambitious Inc  which states that, “We see QR Codes as a big part of America’s future, so we created this website to accelerate awareness of these fascinating matrix codes.”

It also says it intends to launch other QR code apps in the near future. What puzzles TechEye, however, is that this site really only does work with Android or Ithingey phones. We tried it with a Nokia and no joy.

Actually the site still appears to be largely undiscovered. It is counting the number of times people scan each of the girls’ pictures on the site to create a Chart. Adding them all up currently this means they’ve only had about 4,600 visitors.

QR codes are thus following in a long tradition. Colour printing gave us Playboy magazine; VCRs gave us blue movies; and the WWW gave us porn on a massive scale. So now it’s QR codes turn.

If you want a decent overview of what QR codes are all about read this article …Mobile Barcode Essentials Part Two: What Is a QR Code? It beats the boring Wikipedia page.