Sensor sales reveal smartphone trends

ChinaSamsung is being squeezed by competition from Apple at the high end and competition from Chinese manufacturers at the low end.

That’s the conclusion of IHS Technology. The market research company has assessed sales of smartphone sensors and thinks that although Samsung and Apple continue to be the dominant consumers of sensors for smartphones, they are both set for declines between now and 2019.

Samsung currently has a market share of 23 percent but that will fall to 15 percent by 2019. Meanwhile Apple currently takes 47 percent of smartphone sensors but that will fall to 34 percent over the next four years.

Apple’s share will fall because of growth of the overall smartphone market, but Samsung, although affected by the same phenomenon, faces stiff competition from Xiaomi and other Chinese hardware manufacturers.

The share from the Chinese manufacturers currently stands at 20 percent but that share will grow to 38 percent in 2019, IHS believes.

Marwan Boustany, a senior analyst at IHS said the Chinese original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) will try any new technology that lets them compete with the better known brand names.