ScreenGate gets worse for Apple

The iPhone 4 is proving to be a technological turkey for Apple and is moving from one disaster to another.

After it was revealed that the phone needed a rubber band wrapped around it to work, and that if you stuck it to your ear it would disconnect, it was believed that Apple had fixed all the problems with the broken phones.

Apple fanboys pointed out that if the phone really was broken then no one would buy it and the tame Apple press relaxed.  The idea that trade magazines should be protecting users from their own ignorant stupidity does not seem to have occured to them.

Now SquareTrade, a company that offers a third-party warranty for consumer electronics that covers accidental damage, has released an analysis of damage rates comparing the iPhone 4 to the iPhone 3GS.

As we have reported earlier the problem seems to be with cracked screens. The GorillaGlass-clad iPhone 4 suffers from damaged screens almost twice as often as the iPhone 3GS before it.

After four months, 3.9 percent of iPhone 4 owners reported a cracked screen. That’s an 86 percent increase over the percentage of iPhone 3GS owners (2.1 percent).

SquareTrade said that the iPhone 4 has a much greater chance of suffering from cracked glass than previous iPhone models, since both the front and back are covered in GorillaGlass.

The iPhone 3GS used composite plastic material which is much less susceptible to cracking if it is dropped. A quarter of the claims for broken glass on an iPhone 4 were for the back cover.

The figures are backing the claims of cracking phones which are appearing in various Apple forums. The argument among fanboys is that the number of cracked screens as a percentage is too small to be bothered about, just four percent.

By a curious coincidence, this is the same figure as the percentage of the market that the Mac OS holds worldwide. However the numbers that four percent breaks out into given the millions of phones flogged is huge. It also indicates that iPhone users must spend the extra to buy a case.