School tazers epileptic student in mobile phone row

An epileptic kid who had a mobile phone so he could call an ambulance in case he had a funny turn was tasered by cops when a school administrator tried to confiscate it.

Hampton High School student Brady Bendtsen had permission to have the phone because he suffered from  recurring seizures after viral encephalitis, commonly known as inflammation of the brain.

However after a fire drill a deputy principal tried to snatch the phone off him because kids were not allowed them in school.

When Bendtsen resisted the administrator felt that his authority was threatened and called the cops to take the phone away by force.

The kid has brain problems and when a lot of people were looking at him his mind started going nuts.

“I couldn’t talk to people. I couldn’t hear them,” recalled Bendtsen. “He was about to put me in the back of the cop car and I just fell to my knees because I couldn’t take it no more.”

When Bendtsen fell rational cops jumped in and tasered him.

Hampton Township police told Channel 4 Action News that the officer assigned to the case said Bendtsen was “verbally abusive”  and sticks and stones do not apply to cops when they have electricity at their command.

Of course if you apply electricity and stress to an epileptic they have a fit and now Bendtsen has had several including one in front of cameras when he was telling the local paper the story.   

While the problem might be a breakdown in communication as far as the school is concerned, it is just another case of a US school admin thinking they have powers of god over their students when it comes to the world wide wibble and other communication gadgets.  Recently another headmaster ordered parents to pull their kids off social notworking sites.