Saudi Arabia starts persecuting CrackBerries too

The movement against RIM’s Blackberry has spread like wildfire to Saudi Arabia as one of the most intolerant Islamic nations in the world decided to join the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and forbid chat that wasn’t based in a server based in El Medina.

Saudi Arabia has joined in the generalist movement against the BlackBerry, it was reported today because its services are outside the jurisdiction of the Saudi state, generally considered to be one of the most backward states in the world, despite its oil wealth.

The dictators/warlords in the country endorsed UAE decisions last month to disable features in the CrackBerry that let people “share information with each other”.

Sharing information is the very very last thing Saudi Arabia wants.

At press time, it was unclear whether the Wahaabi fundamentalists, headed up by a set of monarchs and sheikhs which most scholars believe are largely ignorant of Islam,  had trundled every RIM CrackBerry down to “chop chop” square, and beheaded men and women daring to share information via mobile phones.

Saudi Arabia, according to the CIA World Fact Book, is a fundamentalist kingdom. Only people over 21 years of age and who are male can vote. The monarchy is based on male succession. There are no political parties apart from the diktat of the king.

There is quite a lot of controversy worldwide, amongst Islamic scholars,  whether the birthplace of Mohammad, god bless his name, should be controlled by a gang of ignorant Wahaabis, read wannabees.

The big question, of course, is why democratic governments allow this to happen. The answer is not only just oil. Saudi is considered to be a “stable” influence on the rest of the Caliphate, although we’re not entirely sure Iran, Pakistan, Indonesia and the African Islamic states would agree.