Saudi Arabia about to do deal with Blackberry

Saudi Arabia is close to doing a deal with RIM over the encryption on its Blackberry handsets.

Saudi had decided to ban the Blackberry because it was so secure that the brightest encryption experts could not spy on people suspected of terrorism or cheating on their wives.

According to the AFP, now it seems that a deal is likely whereby the authorities would have access to decipher exchanged messages.

An official with one of Saudi Arabia’s three licensed mobile operators told AFP news agency that a deal had nearly been reached and his outfit was in the process of “adding the final touches.”

It seems that all Blackberry messages will be sent via a special server in the UAE as part of the deal.

One Saudi official told the Associated Press that tests were under way to see how such a server would work.

Currently Blackberry’s encrypted data is stored in Canada, which puts it out of the range of Arab spooks.

If Rim does a deal with Saudi then it is likely a similar arrangement will be sorted out in other countries which are opposed to the Blackberry such as India.