Saudi Arabi backtracks on Blackberry ban

The Saudi telecommunications regulator has decided to allow Blackberry services to continue following “positive developments” with RIM over security concerns.

The pair have come to a compromise over the concerns, which for now puts a stop to the ban that the Saudi Communications and Information Technology Commission was threatening. This was going to go ahead last Friday but the Kingdom gave RIM a 48 hour extension to propose a fix, however, it is not yet clear whether a deal has been completely agreed.

The regulator added it was continuing to work with the country’s three mobile phone service providers and would “take the necessary steps” based on progress made.

RIM has faced the wrath of countries threatening to ban its Blackberry over the past few weeks -Saudi Arabia, UAE and Kuwait all threatened to ban the device because RIM was not happy about sharing data with officials.

Last week Egypt also said it would look into a possible ban following fears of security. According to local Egyptian media, the National Telecommunication Regulatory Authority said: “The producer received all necessary approvals to sell the phones in Egypt, but this will not prevent the devices from being banned should they indeed pose a security threat.”

The final decision on any ban will only made after further “investigation”, the reports said. As RIM seems to be bowing to the Kingdom for profit margins not morals there’s a chance it’ll strike deals to keep others sweet.