Samsung’s Galaxy S5 hits the UK shops

Samsung’s latest flagship model, the Galaxy S5 has gone on sale across the UK less than a year after its predecessor the Galaxy S4 made an appearance.

The phone does not appear to be much different. In fact it looks almost identical to the Galaxy S4, and you would have some difficulty telling them apart in a police line-up. The Galaxy S5 has a larger display than its predecessor at 5.1in, but you would be hard-pressed to tell by looking at it.

The screen has an AMOLED display, with very wide viewing angles, and is sharp and vibrant and very close in quality to that of the high-end LCD screens like those found on the iPhone 5S and HTC One M8, or so Samsung reckons.

Armed with a 2.5 GHz quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 it has a 16MP camera, the ability to combine 4G with WiFi for ultrafast downloads and a fingerprint scanner which acts as identity verification for online shopping payments.

Of course that has not stopped the likes of the Telegraph  claiming that the Samsung is pushing the smartphone to new levels, while HTC and Apple are refining existing versions.

Some observers have moaned that Samsung should not stick to the plastic construction and body from the previous generation as this makes the phone look cheap. It is not helped by the fact that the back is modelled on cheap vinyl. This counts against it when compared to the HTC One M8 and the iPhone 5S.

The S5 was shown off at the Mobile World Congress in February where audiences were generally underwhelmed. It will go on sale in the UK for for £579 SIM free. Carphone Warehouse will be flogging it for £42 per month on a 24-month Vodafone 4G contract.

Customers who pre-ordered handsets will receive their phones from today, and are available in ‘Shimmer White’ and ‘Charcoal Black’. ‘Electric Blue’ models will be delivered by 22 April and ‘Copper Gold’ by 20 May.

On the whole, the S5 shows how mobile makers are fast running out of ideas about what to put in the smartphone. The market is saturated and there is only so much you can put under the bonnet of a smartphone in the first place.

Samsung will be relying upon the S5 to perform well after the company announced it expected its profits to decline for the second financial quarter in a row.