Samsung vows to fight on

Samsung vowed that it will not be forced from US shop shelves and will take all measures needed to keep getting its products to customers.

Apple filed a court request to ban eight Samsung mobile devices including versions of its Galaxy and Droid smartphones. It claimed that the eight were “to address a portion of the immediate, ongoing irreparable harm that Apple is suffering”.

After all Apple is such a cash strapped company which is on the verge of having to sell its geniuses for scientific experiments just make ends meet.

But it is hard to see how either Apple could benefit or Samsung harmed by the ban on models which are old but still available through wireless carriers and online retailers.

None of Samsung’s newest flagship products such as the Galaxy S III and Galaxy Note are on the list.

According to AFP,  Samsung is fighting a rear-guard action against Apple.

Apparently it is considering removing or modifying features found to have infringed Apple’s patents to keep its products on the market if the sales ban is granted.

Judge Lucy Koh has set a hearing for September 20 to consider enforcement of injunctions against Samsung devices.

She will also hear Samsung motions to reduce or dismiss charges and Apple’s request for “punitive” damages, which could triple the award.